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Your employment history created from the ground up. Not an impersonal "template" that turns out cookie-cutter résumés.

What is it worth to you to find and get the RIGHT job at this pivotal time in your life? Why not invest in the best tools at the very beginning of your job hunt, and get the results that you really want.

A professional, well crafted résumé and a thorough and strategic job search saves you both time and money. Think of it as an investment in your future!

Testimonials for Résumé Queen


"The Résumé Queen did some truly regal work for me. I needed a marketing piece that showcased my business in a polished, professional way and she provided it. I think it's difficult to summarize what you have to offer to the marketplace in terms that employers understand and respond to, but that's her specialty. I couldn't believe how reasonable her rates are and how much time she saved me. It really helps to have a seasoned pro like her transform your experience and qualifications into the language of the work world."
Colleen G. - MN

"The Résumé Queen was great to work with. She accomplished all of my requests and the finished product was better than I could have imagined it to be. This is very professional, and if I was the one doing the hiring, I'd hire me! She as so prompt and also had great suggestions."
Danny and Janet H. - FL

"Résumé Queen helped launch my career at a pivotal point in my life. By fine tuning my resume, goals, and pinpointing my market, she was able to attract the clients my design business sought. I look forward to working with Résumé Queen again in the near future, as my business has continued to expand."

Chandra H. - FL

"Résumé Queen got me my dream job. I'd been self-employed for twenty plus years and had no idea how to get into the job market. Résumé Queen found the job, wrote the résumé and even set up my interview appointment. I can't say enough about her skills. I have a job I love."
Craig P. - WI

"Résumé Queen is the best résumé writer around, her writing is so smooth and succinct. I would recommend her talents to anyone who is serious about finding the perfect job."
Margurite M. - CA

"Her assistance in bringing my polished promotional material to a high sheen has been an invaluable tool in my arsenal to help me with my dream career: bringing unusual performers to the public theater space. Also, the works she did on my daughter's résumé has helped her to see what a valued employee she could become for anyone."
Joe B. - CO

"Résumé Queen is the best investment I made in my career. All the best qualifications in the world don't matter unless they are put in the right format and get to the right people. Résumé Queen knows how to do both, and best of all, did it for a reasonable price.
Mary B. - FL
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