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We help you focus on industries and types of job positions where your skills and goals will fit best. Where employers are looking for you!

A personalized consulting-based approach that will clearly and accurately define your skills and job history.

You’ll be able to move on track toward that next job, confident and motivated all throughout the process.

How We Work
  • Once you contact us, (by e-mail or telephone) we will discuss your job goals. We will develop some basic résumé information to start with, asking details about your current background. We’ll keep asking questions until we get a good, solid perspective about your skills, where you have worked before and what your next job objective might be. Then we’ll develop a draft of your new résumé.

  • Once we have drafted your basic résumé, we’ll send it or e-mail it to you. (Confidentiality guaranteed.) You will review this draft and add, delete or change any information or formatting, as you prefer. This process may go back and forth until a satisfactory draft is achieved.

  • Once we agree on a final résumé, we will forward this final work product to you by e-mail and/or will mail it to you as a reproducible original document from which you can make final copies. We can also send you your résumé printed on high quality bond paper -- whatever you have selected.

  • This process also applies to any cover letter, list of references or other delivered piece. We work quickly and efficiently and are committed to providing you with an attractive, well-crafted, winning résumé

  • Work begins when payment has been received via PayPal, personal check or money order. PayPal is a secure-site payment transaction provider offering VISA and MasterCard credit card payment.

  • To hear what other satisfied résumé clients can tell you about the Résumé Queen experience, check our Testimonials section.  Telephone references are available upon request.

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