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We’re open for business 24/7. We work all across the U.S. providing résumé services to job seekers in a range of fields, industries and markets…for those just entering the job market to the senior executive level.
Need an update on your résumé? Résumé Queen will update any Résumé Queen résumé for up to one year after your first résumé is completed.
Résumé Queen isn’t just royal…she’s loyal!

Welcome to Résumé!

So…Résumé Queen…is she for real? She sure is! 

And she’s in your court when you’re ready to get that next job!

In her royal capacity as your job search coach, résumé writer and job market strategist, Résumé Queen will deliver: 

  • Winning résumés, tailored to your specific job area.

  • Cover letters that get attention…and get past “no.” 

  • A personalized consulting approach to assess and emphasize your best skills and talents…and to market them.

  • Career focusing and job market research.

  • Job coaching and interview tips.

  • Fast, professional service. Hard copy and e-mail editions of your résumé.

Why use Résumé Queen?

We can smooth the way through the awkwardness and fears of job transitioning.

We know the process, we know the fields, we know the pitfalls. Over twenty five years’ experience in the employment services business.

We help you focus on industries and types of jobs and positions where your talents may best be targeted.

We can provide positive, market savvy feedback concerning your job search questions.

Not an impersonal “template” mechanism that turns out cookie-cutter résumés. We design your employment history from the ground up.

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